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The Oslo Series 84 Motorised Curtain Tracking system is designed to make life easy. New automation technology provides push button lifestyle solutions for your home, apartment, office, hotel or villa with modern glass faced remotes and a powerful 100-kilogram operating capacity.


Usage – Motorised Tracking – for conventional & S-Wave curtains
Colour – White
Control – Radio Remote Control, C-Bus, Home Automation, CAT5, Dry Contact Traverse One way or Centre Open
Brackets – Face & Ceiling fix
Bending – 300mm radius bends and continuous curves
Construction – Extruded aluminium, powder coated
Motors – 240 volt with electronic limits
Dimensions – 34 x 22 mm


The Oslo 84 is designed to meet all the requirements of modern living. Its sleek design is coupled with ease of use and state of the art functions including electronic limit settings, built in wireless receiver, the ability to connect to your home or office network, power-off manual operation meaning curtains aren’t stuck open or closed if there isn’t power, and is suitable for both conventional and S-Wave curtains.

With a slightly larger track profile than the 81, the Oslo 84 sits at 34mm x 22mm with a track length of 6 metres. Unlike the 81 however, the 84 can be joined up to 12 metres long.

Remotes feature Dual Control, allowing you to control a double track with a single remote. For larger areas, 15 channel remotes are also available if you wish to operate more than two tracks in the same room. The series 84 boasts an open/ close speed of 20cm per second.



  • Powerful 100-kilogram operating capacity.
  • Electronic limit settings.
  • Compatible with home automation systems.
  • Soft Touch Start.
  • Sleek and silent design.
  • Built in Radio Receiver (3-core).
  • Power off manual operation.
  • Dual Control Remotes.
  • In house bending, degree and radial.
  • Conventional and S-Wave runners.
  • 5 year warranty on motors.