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The Series 79 domestic tracking system is suitable for both conventional and S-Wave curtains, as well as most radius bends and bay or corner windows. This track gives you the option of standard gliders or wheeled carriers to give the user smooth operation whether using the cord or hand options.


Usage – S-Wave & conventional curtains. Popular for Domestic solutions.
Colour – White, Birch White, Platinum and Beige
Control – Hand or Cord operation
Brackets – Face & Ceiling Fix
Bending – 150mm radius bends and continuous curves
Construction – Extruded aluminium
Dimensions – 11 x 24 mm


Available as a single or double track, supported by a range of both ceiling and Face Fix brackets using locking cams that are easy to install. The series 79 is also able to be bent by hand on site to make bay and corner window situations easier to achieve.



  • Die cast locking cams.
  • On Site benders available.
  • Glides and Roller runners available.
  • Bendable – 90 / 45 degree, etc