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The Series 51 is a strong commercial / domestic tracking system suitable to heavy use areas such as hotels, motels, and clubs as well as the domestic home.

Usage – Series 51 is suitable for S-Wave and Conventional curtains. Can be used for Commercial & Domestic solutions.
Colour – White, Black and Platinum
Control – Both Hand or Cord operation available (Cord Draw for Straight Tracks ONLY)
Brackets – Face & Ceiling for single & double projection
Bending – 100mm radius bends and continuous curves
Construction – Extruded aluminium, powder coated
Dimensions – 20 x 16 mm


With dimensions of 20mm x 16mm, the Oslo Series 51 and 52 come in 6 metre lengths and can be bent to suit most applications as a hand drawn track. Cord drawn is only available on a straight track only. Diagrams for degree bends are required.

Available in White, Black and Platinum as standard. Other colours available by powder coating.



  • Strong commercial grade.
  • Large range of brackets.
  • Cover plates for face fix brackets included as standard, hiding screws.
  • Roller carriers.
  • Clear wave carriers.
  • Available to bend in factory at 90 and 45 degrees, etc
  • Both tracks have a joiner allowing them to reach over 6m wide.