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The Acmeda system reaps many benefits. Designed to incorporate smart technology, this system is easily one of the best options for the modern home. Featuring Soft Touch technology to automatically open and close your curtains with one soft touch and auto adjusting speed limits. With an operating capacity of up to 60kg and a heavy duty joiner, this tracking system is suitable to carry heavy fabric curtains up to 12 meters wide.


Usage – Motorised Tracking – for conventional & S-Wave curtains
Colour – White
Control – Radio Remote Control, Automate Pulse Control, Traverse One way or Centre Open. Remotes are also compatible with Acmeda roller shades and awnings.
Brackets – Face & Ceiling fix
Bending – 300mm radius bends and continuous curves
Construction – Extruded aluminium, powder coated
Motors – 240 volt with electronic limits
Dimensions – 34 x 22 mm


Compatible with both standard and S wave curtain headings, the Acmeda tracking can be bent at either 90 or 45 degrees, or with a provided template to a 300mm radius. This track is also available for custom continuous radial curves.

The Acmeda Automate is operated by the Automate Paradigm remote controls and Automate Pulse hub, allowing you to control your curtains directly from your phone.



  • 60-kilogram operating capacity.
  • Easy automatic limit setting.
  • Soft Touch Start.
  • Smartphone operation.
  • Quiet motor.
  • In house bending, degree and radial.
  • Conventional and S-Wave runners.
  • 5 year warranty on motors.
  • Compatible remotes with Acmeda roller shades and awnings.
  • Track joiner to cover up to 12m.